North African chilli paste. Pre-cooked and Ready to use.

Since we launched SOS Harissa in early 2020, it has maintained the spot of our Bestseller!



We are a Mother-Son duo who are passionate about spicy food. We create cooking sauces, dips and spicy jams that will reduce your cooking time.

#Vegetarian #PreservativeFree #Sustainable

We are an all Singaporean🇸🇬 brand that is bringing tastes from as far away as Africa and Europe to your homes.

Whether you are a fan of spicy food or just looking for something new and exciting to add to your cooking, our cooking sauces are sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Versatile to help create breakfast, meals, desserts and cocktails. Try them today and experience bold and flavourful tastes.

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  • Alka


    Olive chilli tapenade! What a brilliant spread... it’s become a family favourite after the first tasting! We’ve had it on the cheese platter, as a spread in sandwiches & with pasta... can’t wait to try the other recipes mentioned here. A staple in our kitchen :-)

  • Mark Reeves


    Hi Saahil and Shilpa, i just want to say that your sauces are amazing!! I used the to harissa to spice up a stir fry earlier and now just smacked on some popadoms with the mango chili jam....it was delicious.

  • Alice Lee


    Strong & Aromatic - I couldn't wait so when my order arrived, I immediately ate a tsp of the Thai green curry paste directly from the jar! The taste and aroma are 10/10! I took 3 more teaspoons as this paste just taste so good! Innovative recipes are given too and I will definitely try them out!

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