Our Story

Our Story

The SOS Kitchen originates from the hustling and bustling city country; Singapore.

We are a mother-son duo who are fans of all things spicy; and are committed to showing you the spicy way of life through our vegetarian friendly and locally sourced products. 

We are an All Singaporean brand that is bringing tastes from as far away Africa and Europe to our homes.


We make spicy and tasty ready to use cooking sauces and pastes that are Made in Singapore 

  • All our products are Vegetarian Friendly 
  • Made from Locally Sourced ingredients
  • No Added Preservatives
  • We make 100% efforts to help Make Cooking Easy 
  • Constant Innovation - New Recipes, new products and reduce costs
  • We believe in Low Prices - Affordable meals


    SOS Kitchen creates recipes that can help even beginners create meals under SGD 10 and under 20 minutes.

    With over 70 Recipes we can help home chefs and those with no cooking experience dish out meals with ease. Give our recipes a try!

    The SOS Kitchen Pte Ltd (202003184W)

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