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Co-Founders : Shilpa Sharma & Saahil Sharma
Hey there, foodies! We're not your average sauce-makers – we're a dynamic Mother-Son duo with a fiery passion for all things spicy! Saahil's globe-trotting adventures ignited his love affair with chilies, inspiring us to whip up a mouthwatering array of cooking sauces, dips, and zesty jams. Our mission? To slash your kitchen prep time without sacrificing an ounce of flavor!

🌶️ Born and raised in different corners of the globe, our journey led us to the bustling streets of Singapore, where SOS was born. We're proud to bring you flavors from every corner of the world – from the fiery heart of Africa to the cozy kitchens of Europe, right to your doorstep!

So, whether you're a die-hard spice fanatic or just craving a little culinary excitement, our sauces are your ticket to flavor town. Give 'em a whirl today and unleash a whirlwind of bold, unforgettable tastes in your kitchen!The SOS Kitchen originates from the hustling and bustling city country; Singapore.


At SOS, innovation is our bread and butter – or should we say, our secret sauce! 💡 We're constantly whipping up recipes that not only tantalize your taste buds but also keep things easy on your wallet and clock. Picture this: delicious, restaurant-quality meals for under SGD 10 and ready in just 20 minutes flat – now that's what we call kitchen magic!

With a treasure trove of mouthwatering recipes, we're here to turn even the most clueless cooks into kitchen superheroes. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a total newbie, our recipes are your passport to culinary success. Get ready to impress yourself and your loved ones with dishes that are as effortless to make as they are delicious to eat!" 🍳🌟


✨ Purely Natural Ingredients: No funky stuff here – just the good, honest goodness straight from nature.

🌱 Locally Sourced Goodness: Supporting local farmers and flavors, right here in Singapore.

🇸🇬 Made with Love in Singapore: Crafted with care in the heart of our vibrant city.

🌍 Minimizing Waste: We're all about sustainability, keeping waste close to zero and our planet happy.

🔍 Transparent and Honest: No secrets, no surprises – just straight-up, honest advertising. Because that's how we roll!
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The SOS Kitchen Pte Ltd (202003184W)

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