Zero Wastage & Our little efforts

Here at SOS Kitchen, we're all about making a big difference with small actions. We're not the biggest fish in the sea, but we're doing our part to be responsible and sustainable, and we're pretty proud of it too!

Think Local, Act Global - We're all about reducing the footprint we leave, and one way we do that is by sourcing our ingredients locally. When you buy local (SG & Malaysia), you're not just getting fresh, delicious produce—you're also cutting down on food miles and packaging waste. Plus, when you shop at places like RedMart,  Shopee, NTUC Fairprice & Ryans, you're helping them save on overhead costs, and we're all about passing those savings on to you with some awesome deals!

Waste Not, Want Not - We're serious about reducing waste. That's why we use whole peppers, chillies, and other fruits and veggies whenever possible. And when it comes to packaging, we're all about keeping it minimal. Our glass jars are 100% recyclable, and those tin lids? You can reuse them or toss them in the recycling bin. Plus, our cardboard boxes are used to bring in the glass jars, reused to ship the finished jars and we deliver using the same cartons, we see at least 3 recycles from the same cartons. 

Always Improving But hey, we're not perfect. But don't worry, we're actively searching for a more eco-friendly solution that won't bring up the price. Because saving you money is also equally important as saving the elements of wastage. We tend to club our deliveries by North, Central, East and West zones to save on delivery costs.

Together, We Can Do It - So thank you for choosing SOS Kitchen. Every time you buy one of our products, you're helping us make a positive impact on the environment. And together, we can make this world a greener, cleaner, and more delicious place to be. Cheers to that!

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