1. 2 wholemeal tortilla wraps (8inch each)
  2. 4 tbsps SOS Harissa
  3. 40g roast chicken
  4. 2 fresh button mushrooms
  5. 1/4 red capsicum
  6. 30 leaves baby spinach
  7. 1/2 onion
  8. 100g cheddar cheese


  1. Lay the tortilla wrap flat out & make a slit with a knife from the middle of the tortilla down to the edge
  2. Spread 1 tbsp SOS Harissa on each quarter of the tortilla
  3. Add 1 sliced mushroom & 15 baby spinach leaves to the 1st quarter
  4. Add shredded roast chicken to the 2nd quarter
  5. Half of the sliced capsicum to the 3rd quarter
  6. Add grated cheese to the 4th quarter
  7. Fold the wrap from the bottom corners of either side all the way around
  8. Place the wrap in a heated pan & press down with a spatula so the cheese melts
  9. Midway through cooking, flip the wrap onto the other side & continue pressing down with a spatula
  10. Repeat the process to make the second wrap, replacing the chicken with sliced onion - to make a veg wrap!
  11. Enjoy while hot with some salsa & sour cream!


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