1. 200g Arborio or leftover rice
  2. 200g grated cheese
  3. 3 tsps SOS Harissa
  4. 22 green pitted olives
  5. 1 beaten egg
  6. Breadcrumbs to cover
  7. Cooking oil


  1. Mix together rice, cheese, olives & SOS Harissa in a large bowl or plate & keep aside.
  2. Lay breadcrumbs on a surface, beat an egg in a bowl & keep all aside. Begin heating oil in a pot.
  3. Create a ball out of the rice mix. Then using the dry-hand-wet-hand method, coat the ball in the egg-wash with one hand & then in breadcrumbs with the other twice over. Repeat this process to make 3-4 balls & keep ready.
  4. Once the oil is bubbling hot, carefully place the balls into the pot & allow to cook. Once balls are done on one side, turn the balls over to allow cooking on the other side.
  5. Once the balls are fried, transfer onto a serving plate & enjoy while hot!

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